Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today is my last day at Xceed... snif...

I leave lighthearted, because I have made sure the transition here goes smootly. I have completed AES encryption support in Xceed Zip for .NET, which was released a few weeks ago, and helped Jacques complete HTTP proxy support in Xceed FTP for .NET, currently in RC tests for the next package.

It's been an incredible 9 years, and I thank Odi and Daniel for given me the latitude to come up with ambitious and non-conventional designs like the FileSystem Core.

I also feel very lucky to have worked with such talented developers and coworkers. You are a second family. I'm sure the rest of the team won't be jealous if I address special thanks and admiration to Pascal, with whom I have designed and developed Xceed Zip v4+, Xceed Backup, Xceed Winsock, Xceed FTP and the amasing experience and fun we had creating Xceed Zip for .NET.

Finally, It's been an honor having the chance to talk and chat with a few customers, through support, forums and this blog. It is very important for software developers building commercial applications to stay in touch with the customers, instead of hiding behind the marketing or support staff. True input comes from customers.

Thank you.

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